Shenzhen Jmjled Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jinmeijing Industrial Co. , Ltd, as the private hi-tech science & technology enterprise, is professionally engaged in researching, developing, and manufacturing both outdoor and indoor full color LED display screen, which is also one of the largest LED display screen manufacturing manufacturer centers, really realize the industrialization business from lightening chip to LED display screen assembly. We have outstanding technical talents in computer design, multi-media technical development and video image processing etc. Our products have been imported to many countries such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, India, Russian, Saudi Arabia, Iran, New Zealand, Belgium, Nigeria and Israeli. Jinmeijing is located in The 17 floor, NO. B Building, Mansion of DuHui100 , Road of ZhongHang , in Futian, ShenZhen, P. R China
longhua factory, Baoan, Shenzhen, with total area of 2000M2.
Jingmeijing by means of his research & development, manufacturing, manufacturing and scale advantages, policy and support service advantages in Shenzhen combines industrial resources and involves himself with manufacturing, processing, and fittings about LED display screen. .
Jingmeijing Manufacturing Center is equipped with 3 modern production lines and world class manufacturing equipment. Now there are 6 YAMAHA SMT High Speed Mounter, 2 Auto Colorgraph & Beam Splitting Machine, backflow welding machine, wave crest welding machine, and supersonic wave cleaning machine etc.
Jingmeijing appointed professor Zhang Jixiang, awarded special allowance by the State Council, and senior management experts and scholars from Tsinghua University, to strictly control the quality, which absolutely resolve customers and dealers anxiety.
Based on his powerful manufacturing and management capacity, Jingmeijing collaborate with both overseas and domestic LED display screen material suppliers and LED display screen dealers. Sharing with modern enterprise resource, collaboration, mutual advantage complement, and efficient operation all realized here, all of which indicate that Jingmeijing is not the simple goods manufacturer but the social service organization. With the key business idea of satisfying social demands by means of commodity, she has in deed ensured customers satisfaction.

We look forward to building business relationships with clients worldwide. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free contact us for further information or to place your special orders. We will try our best to meet and exceed your expectations.
The target of the management:found a new century, bright turn a global village.
Conduct policy:change a management concept, amplify service realize, elevate service quality, amplify corporation of strength
Enterpise culture
◇ Our mission:
◇ For customer:our company provide with hi-tech, product, tool and service, enable each manufactory dedicate to create brand construction and better service to our customer.
◇ For staff :improving the living standard for our staff, offer spacious development, enhance the staff value.
◇ For society: push the development of photoeletricity career, in order to further social civilization.
◇ Our running tenet is : practical, innovative, aggressive, honest.
◇ The veiw of moral in Our company
◇ We would raher lose money than credit,
◇ Do everything brightly and keep a pure mental
◇ Do kind to people , do precious for work. ,
◇ No business is small, share eaqual in every order.

◇ Working style
Earnest, strict, active, efficient.
Earnest:make clear for details information
Strict:strict management, strict punishment
Active:be active to take responsibility of work , be active to find problems, be active to Accept task.
Efficient:make work plan clearly, and give reaction at once.
Make room for tommorw, be active to find new task.
[86] 755 27859772
in Futian
ShenZhen, Guangdong, 518031, China
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